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Why this Houston innovator isn't afraid of AI coming for her job

The advent of AI pushes us humans to acquire new skills and hone our existing abilities so we can work alongside these evolving technologies in a collaborative fashion. Image via Getty Images

Over the past 10 years of my career, I have been afforded unique opportunities to work in many roles across the healthcare industry. This includes stints in HR, sales, marketing, and operational roles at a myriad of organizations including small start-up companies, hospital networks, and even my own single-member LLC.

The uncertainty of the job market is ever evolving with close to 200,000 tech workers being laid off last year alone. The rise of AI is changing the employment structure across all industries which is why I feel fortunate to have a plethora of experiences and skills to pull from.

There is mounting concern about AI taking away our jobs, but in reality, we have been living harmoniously with AI tools for quite some time (think – spell check or autocorrect on your text messages). In many instances, we appreciate the benefits that AI brings including automation of repetitive tasks, data entry, and increased efficiencies. Don’t get me wrong, AI is certainly being exploited in some use cases like deepfakes so it is essential to stay vigilant. Overall, I am optimistic about AI improving healthcare, an area where we are experiencing significant financial strains, an overburdened workforce, and clinician shortages.

The advent of AI pushes us humans to acquire new skills and hone our existing abilities so we can work alongside these evolving technologies in a collaborative fashion. AI augments human capabilities rather than replacing us. I believe it will help our society embrace lifelong learning, creating new industries and jobs that have never existed before. These are some reasons why I am not worried about AI eliminating my job in the near future:

AI does not have human skills

AI may be able to beat humans at intelligent tasks like chess, yet prowess such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and emotional intelligence are increasingly important and difficult to automate. According to LinkedIn, the most in-demand skills for professionals are all uniquely human abilities, working in tandem with AI to drive organizational success. In addition, many jobs require some level of creative thinking, making them less susceptible to automation.

AI is not a physical being

Even after living through a global pandemic where many jobs existed only virtually, there is no replacement to the physical being or human touch. Technology can fill a lot of gaps but sitting face to face with another human being is not one of them. In fact, Forbes reported that 90 percent of companies will return to the office in 2024. There will always be power in bringing people together, whether one-on-one meetings, team gatherings, or company wide events.

AI alone cannot implement change

Technology is only as powerful as the people who use it. Sometimes, the hardest part of innovation is not adopting new technology or implementing different protocols but simply getting people to change. Nonetheless, adaptability has proven time and time again to be one of the strongest human traits. Change takes time and trust, both of which AI cannot solve on its own.

While working on this article, I wanted to see what the AI expert thinks and asked “Should I be worried about AI taking away my job?” Here is what Chat GPT responded:

While there is potential for AI to automate certain jobs, it also creates opportunities for new roles and enhances productivity. The key to mitigating the risk is to stay informed, continuously learn, and adapt to new technologies. Emphasizing uniquely human skills and exploring how AI can be a tool rather than a replacement can help secure your place in the evolving job market.

I appreciate Chat GPT’s confidence that humans and AI can co-exist. The future is already here.


Arielle Rogg is the principal and founder of Rogg Enterprises, a Houston-based company providing digital marketing for health care innovators.

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