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5 most popular innovation stories in Houston this week

New coworking space news, TMC introduces another accelerator program, and more trended in InnovationMap. Courtesy of Spaces

Editor's note: This week's top stories include an innovation news roundup, a new TMC accelerator program, what startups can learn from successful Houston exits, and more.

3 Houston innovators to know this week

Accenture and Plug and Play Tech Center made strategic hires in Houston. Plus, a local expert shares how important electronics recycling is. Courtesy photos

The movers and shakers of the Houston innovation world did a lot of extra moving and shaking last week. This week's Houston innovators to know include two new hires within the ecosystem. Continue reading.

New coworking space to open, Houston to host Accenture's health tech awards, and more innovation news

Spaces plans to open a new location in Houston this month, Chevron Technology Ventures invests in autonomous vehicle tech, and more Houston innovation news. Courtesy of Spaces

A lot is happening in the Houston innovation ecosystem — so much that you may have missed a few key news items. Let's hit the highlights, shall we?

Applications are open for major health tech awards program that is coming to town, a Houston corporate venture fund doles out cash to self-driving cars, new coworking space to deliver, a diversity-focused partnership launches, and more Houston innovation news. Continue reading.

TMC introduces new cancer therapeutics accelerator program following $5 million grant

A new accelerator program will aim to advance cancer therapeutics technology. Photo courtesy of TMC

The Texas Medical Center is taking a step forward in cancer prevention and treatment thanks to a multimillion-dollar grant from a Texas organization.

Last month, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas announced 71 new statewide grants that totaled $136 million. TMC was the recipient of a $5 million grant that is being used to develop a new accelerator geared at designing new cancer therapeutics treatments. Continue reading.

Here's what startups can learn from Houston exits

At Houston Exponential's second annual HX Capital Summit, four Houston entrepreneurs turned investors discussed their lessons learned. Getty Images

One way to evaluate a city's innovation ecosystem is by the number of successful exits they've had. From startups being acquired by big companies to bringing in a private equity partner, exits can put a city on the map.

Houston has quite a few exits under its belt, and some of those entrepreneurs have stayed in town to fund future success stories. At Houston Exponential's second annual HX Capital Summit, four entrepreneurs discussed their exits, providing key lessons learned for entrepreneurs. Continue reading.

3 startup lessons you can learn from this Texas Olympian turned entrepreneur

Whether it's in the gym or the boardroom, the ability to pick yourself up after a failure is key to success, as this former Olympian learned. Getty Images

I've hit rock bottom more times than I can count. As a gymnast, I overcame injuries that would have ended many other athletes' careers — only to watch my Olympic dreams slip out of reach. As a businessman, I built a successful startup — and then lost it all.

The main thing I've learned? Setbacks can be productive if you're willing to learn from them. Today, as I lead a successful company, I constantly inform my decision-making with the lessons I learned as an athlete and entrepreneur.

Three of those lessons can help everyone — both in the gym and in the boardroom. Continue reading.

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Building Houston


MassChallenge Houston's 2020 cohort has been selected. Photo courtesy of MassChallenge Texas

After launching in Houston with a smaller cohort last year, MassChallenge Texas has announced its latest, full-scale cohort and is kicking off virtual programming this month.

"Today's world is up against new challenges that require creative solutions to help us get back to speed as quickly and as efficiently as possible," says Jon Nordby, MassChallenge Texas in Houston's managing director in a news release. "The incoming cohort is uniquely positioned to make an impact because of their ability to act swiftly and adapt to new market needs. These founders will go on to create the impact and the jobs that will underpin the recovery of our economy for years to come."

The program begins this month and concludes in September. According to the news release, the accelerator will operate as a hybrid — combining virtual and in-person programming. The startups will pitch virtually at the MassChallenge Virtual Startup Showcase on July 16 and 17, as well as at the conclusion of the program at the the MassChallenge Texas in Houston 2020 Awards.

The cohort represents 12 countries and 13 states — with over a third being female founded. The program is also introducing two new tracks: Sports tech, which was announced in April, and space commercialization.

Here are the members of the 2020 MassChallenge Texas Houston cohort and where they are based.

Energy and clean tech

  • Direct Kinetic Solutions (Texas)
  • PolarPanel (Texas)
  • QUEMPIN SpA (Chile)
  • TexPower (Texas)
  • ThermoAI (New York)
  • WeavAIr (Canada)

General and retail

  • AbegYa (Cameroon)
  • Dunyha (Texas)
  • FieldTrend (California)
  • FloodFrame (Texas)
  • Integricote (Texas)
  • Sensegrass (India)
  • Scout, Inc (Virginia)
  • SurfEllent (Texas)
  • Tellinga (Texas)
  • Walter's Cube (New York, USA)

Health care and life science

  • Aniluxx Biotechnology (North Carolina)
  • Articulate Labs (Massachusetts)
  • Healium (Missouri)
  • Hera-MI (France)
  • NeuroRescue Inc. (Louisiana)
  • Noleus Technologies, Inc (Texas)
  • O2 RegenTech (Ohio)
  • OrganoTherapeutics (Luxembourg)
  • PATH EX, Inc (Texas)
  • Pegwin - Patient Safety Innovation (Texas)
  • PREEMIEr Diagnostics (Michigan)
  • ReCellTis Wound Cream (Texas)
  • RedOak Instruments, LLC (Texas)
  • Steradian Technologies (Texas)
  • Solenic Medical, Inc. (Texas)
  • Starling Medical (Texas)
  • TomoWave Laboratories, Inc. (Texas)
  • Tremedics Medical Devices (Texas)
  • UniExo (Ukraine)


  • Asystom (France)
  • B2B Pay (Finland)
  • BoxMagic (Chile)
  • ByLingual (Texas)
  • CityGuyd (Florida)
  • HVACIntel (Texas)
  • Keto A.I (Texas)
  • M1neral (Texas)
  • Navigation Research Company (Texas)
  • Node App (Canada)
  • Ozark Integrated Circuits, Inc. (Arkansas)
  • Noala (Ukraine)
  • Securelyshare (Virginia)
  • SenSwim (Israel)
  • Sizzle (California)
  • Snaptivity (United Kingdom)
  • SpenDebt (Texas)
  • Tradeblock (Texas)
  • V2verify (Nebraska)

Social impact

  • Kietoparao (Spain)
  • Teaching Artists International (Massachusetts)

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