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Customizable commercial condo concept expands to The Woodlands

The XSpace has tapped The Woodlands for its third location. Rendering via

An Austin-based company that provides ownable multi-use space is expanding in the Houston area.

XSpace has announced that it will break ground next year in The Woodlands and open near the intersection of Six Pines Drive and Lake Woodlands Drive in 2025. Both it and the Houston location, which is slated to open at 7022 Old Katy Road in 2024, are already fully committed, but prospective buyers may still put their names on a waiting list.

“We’re a cool warehouse space that you own,” said XSpace founder Byron Smith told InnovationMap about the Houston location last May. In Houston, confirmed owners in May included “car guys,” such as a car-wrapping business; media companies that plan to podcast from XSpace; and an interior design company. The first location, in Austin, is already active.

Those interested can now get on the waitlist. Rendering via

“The Woodlands’ incredible reputation and status as one of the top-selling communities in the Greater Houston area made this an ideal location for our third XSpace. XSpace The Woodlands will offer owners and tenants a dynamic and thriving community in a beautifully designed space,” says Smith on the company’s website.

Architect Francisco Gonzalez Pulido of FGP Atelier has designed The Woodlands space. Pulido is best known for his work on the stadium of Diablos Rojos and Felipe Ángeles International Airport in Mexico City, the Veer Towers complex in Las Vegas, and the Shanghai International Financial Center. The design is reflective of The Woodlands’ natural landscapes, but buyers will be able to customize their own spaces to their liking.

“The XSpace model works because it allows immense scalability and customization to an incredibly broad group of owners and tenants,” says XSpace chairman, Howard Ecker. “XSpace The Woodlands location will be accessible to young entrepreneurs who want to own and customize their first office, as well as a more mature owner who might want to scale a business or invest in multi-use storage spaces. XSpace is poised to become the newest trend and standard for the market for customizable space.”

To join the waitlist for The Woodlands’ location, business owners should visit the XSpace website.

XSpace is based in Austin and first announced its Houston expansion earlier this year. Rendering via

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