Here are over 10 can't-miss events for Houston innovators in February. Photo via Getty Images

From networking meetups to speaker expert speaker summits, February is filled with opportunities for Houston innovators.

Here's a roundup of events you won't want to miss out on so mark your calendars and register accordingly.

Note: This post may be updated to add more events.

February 2 — Pull Up & Pitch Houston

Pull Up & Pitch brings the pitch competition from the “business stage” to your neighborhood, focusing on normalizing business pitching, creating visibility for innovative ideas, supporting small business revitalization, and educating the public on how to ask for and manage finances. It’s a fast-paced, highly entertaining two-round competition where Black & Brown founders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs shoot their shot with a 60-second elevator pitch to access up to $50,000 in grants to grow their businesses.

This event is Friday, February 2, from 10 am to 1 pm at The Cannon West Houston. Click here to register.

February 2 — GROW Climate Connect Mixer

Learn how to get involved with Green Resources and Opportunities Workforce at the Networking Happy Hour, Black History Month event. Connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Celebrate the rich history and achievements of the Black community during this special month. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your network and make meaningful connections.

This event is Friday, February 2, from 6:30 to 8 pm at Chapman & Kirby. Click here to register.

February 6 — Protecting Your Digital Innovations: Safeguarding Strategies

Gain insights into how to best protect your data-driven innovations and software systems from being misappropriated by your competition. Richard Gilly, a high-tech attorneys for RPG Law Group, will be taking a close look at the different strategies for protecting software and other energy industry innovations.

This event is Tuesday, February 6, from 8 to 10 am at the Cannon. Click here to register.

February 6 — Future of Energy Summit

Hear from a panel of Texas energy experts about the work they’re doing to limit growing energy costs' impact on their businesses, utility, and electric grid level. Participants will leave the panel with clear strategies to implement in their own operations. Lunch and an opportunity to network with industry peers will be provided post-panel.

This event is Tuesday, February 6, from 9:15 am to 1 pm at AC Hotel by Marriott Houston Downtown. Click here to register.

February 6 — Women on Boards Luncheon

Kick off 2024 by setting yourself up for a new stage in your career - lending your expertise to public and private companies. Speakers will discuss what to expect, how to get started, and network with other women board members and executive search companies.

This event is Tuesday, February 6, from 11 am to 1 pm at Junior League of Houston. Click here to register.

February 9 — Greater Houston Partnership Annual Meeting

The Greater Houston Partnership's Annual Meeting will set the pace for 2024, convening business and community leaders to celebrate Houston's and the Partnership's work to advance growth and opportunity. The Partnership’s 2024 Annual Meeting will be welcoming incoming board chair Eric Mullins, Chairman and CEO, Lime Rock Resources.

This event is Friday, February 9, from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm at Marriott Marquis Houston. Click here to register.

February 13 — Ken Kennedy Institute Lecture: Jeff Dean (Google)

The Ken Kennedy Institute will have Chief Scientist at Google, Inc. — Google DeepMind and Google Research, for a Distinguished Lecture at Rice University. Dean will highlight several exciting trends in the field of AI and machine learning.

This event is Tuesday, February 13, from 4 to 6 pm at Rice University. Click here to register.

February 13 — The Woodlands 1 Year Anniversary Happy Hour

Head to the first year anniversary celebration of The Cannon The Woodlands to network and meet new members, enjoy drinks and snacks, and fun photo opportunities.

This event is Tuesday, February 13, from 3 to 5 pm at The Cannon The Woodlands. Click here to register.

February 19 — Health & MedTech Mingle

Connect with other like-minded innovators and learn more about the Houston Methodist Tech Hub at the Ion while engaging in unique cross-industry collaboration.

This month's featured speakers are:
Ginny Torno, Executive Director, Innovation & IT Clinical, Ancillary, and Research Systems at Houston Methodist
Lindsay Randle, Director of Practice Operations, Virtual Administration at Houston Methodist
Meagan Howard, Manager, Virtual Inpatient Medicine at Houston Methodist

This event is Monday, February 19, from 5 to 6 pm at the Ion. Click here to register.

February 20 — Hydrogen Industry Networking

Enjoy an afternoon of networking with Greentown startups in the hydrogen sector and hearing about the new technologies that will bring a net-zero future. Hear from Greentown startups innovating in the hydrogen space and network with business leaders from various industry sectors.

This event is Tuesday, February 20, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at Greentown Labs. Click here to register.

February 25 — Houston Biggest Business, Tech & Entrepreneur Networking Soiree

Hosted by the Houston Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition, all tech startups, entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals are invited to this networking event. Make connections with co-founders, partners, coaches or core team members for your start-up, or meet fellow professionals and mingle with makers of great and big ideas.

This event is Sunday, February 25, from 6 to 8:30 pm at Bungalow Heights. Click here to register.

February 27 — Empowerment Through Investment

Greentown Labs and The Ion District are hosting the 4th installment of the Blackstreet: Celebrating Black Innovators event series. Listen in on a panel discussion with African-American investors, and learn about the new Houston Ion District Investor Activation training program for angel investors and early-stage investors.

This event is Tuesday, February 27, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Greentown Houston. Click here to register.

February 28 — Ignite Healthcare's Cocktails & Conversations

To kick off 2024, Cocktails & Conversations will premiere the award winning documentary, Show Her the Money with an expert panel conversation following the premiere. Here are the panelists:

Catherine Gray, the film's producer, Founder of She Angels Investors
Wendy Ryan, Managing Director, Golden Seeds, and featured in the film
Somer Baburek, CEO of HERA Biotech, a San Antonio-based women's health startup and alumni of Ignite's accelerator program

This event is Wednesday, February 28, at 5 pm, at Houston Health Museum's McGovern Theater. Click here to register.

February 28 — CodeLaunch Houston 2024 Startup Competition

CodeLaunch is returning to Houston for the third cohort of its tech startup competition and brings with it an innovation space tradeshow, jam-packed with 30+ exhibits, angels, and investors, who offer the opportunity to network with sources of funding.

This event is Wednesday, February 28, from 4 to 9 pm at Bayou Music Center. Click here to register.

February 29 — Thinking Roadmap- Post Pandemic: Health, Wealth & Tech

Delve into the future of health, wealth, and technology in a post-pandemic world as industry experts discuss the latest trends, insights, and innovations. Network with like-minded individuals and gain valuable knowledge to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Explore how technology can revolutionize wellness, transform the financial landscape, and drive economic growth.

This event is Thursday, February 29, from 5:30 to 9 pm at the Ion. Click here to register.

Check out this curated list of innovation events in Houston for February. Photo via Getty Images

10 can't-miss Houston business and innovation events for February

where to be

It's time to look at what's on the agenda for February for Houston innovators — from pitch competitions to networking events.

Here's a roundup of events not to miss this month. Mark your calendars and register accordingly.

Note: This post might be updated to add more events.

Feb. 8 — Digital Marketing Luncheon

Join Insperity, a partner of The Cannon, and digital marketing expert, Danny Gavin, at The Cannon Downtown for a lunch and learn.

The event is Wednesday, February 8, at noon, at The Cannon Downtown. Click here to register.

Feb. 9 — Innovation on Tap: Fred Higgs, Engineering at Rice University

Discuss research in the speaker’s engineering lab at Rice University on key Industry 4.0 technologies, namely additive manufacturing.

The event is Thursday, February 9, at 4 pm, at the Ion. Click here to register.

February 10 — Women in Leadership Conference 

The 23rd annual Women in Leadership Conference will be held in-person at Rice University. The conference has been a beacon of inspiration in the Houston community, empowering women to accomplish their career goals. In panel discussions and interactive workshops, attendees hear from leaders across different industries, explore various approaches to leadership, and discuss future opportunities for success.

The event is Friday, February 10, at 8 am, at McNair Hall at Rice University. Click here to register.

Feb. 15 — Real Talk from Real VCs

Join this event for a candid fireside chat on venture capital and its role in supporting and growing innovative startups.

The event is Wednesday, February 15, at 5:30 pm, at the Ion. Click here to register.

Feb. 16 — Engage VC: Lerer Hippeau

Lerer Hippeau is an early-stage venture capital firm founded and operated in New York City. Since 2010, they have invested in entrepreneurs who embody audacity, endurance, and winning mindset – good people with great ideas who aren't afraid to do hard things. Join the HX Venture Fund to hear Caitlin Strandberg, Partner at Lerer Hippeau discuss her perspective on how to build and scale a great company, what early-stage investors are looking for, why Houston, and market trends among other topics.

The event is Thursday, February 16, at 8:30 am, at the Ion. Click here to register.

Feb. 16 — Female Founders and Funders

Calling all rockstar female founders and investors in the Houston area. Mark your calendars for this month's Female Founders and Funders meetup. Coffee and breakfast is provided and the event is free to attend.

The event is Thursday, February 16, at 9 am, at Sesh Coworking. Click here to register.

Feb. 21 — Web3 & HOU: Demystifying the Web3 Space Panel I

Join us to learn more about Web3 and its numerous applications.

The event is Tuesday, February 21, at 6 pm, at the Ion. Click here to register.

Feb. 22 — The Trailblazer’s Guide to Cultivating Authenticity

In this fun and interactive workshop presented by Erica D’Eramo of Two Peirs Consulting, we’ll look at how to foster a leadership style that works for you, even in the absence of role models.

The event is Wednesday, February 22, at 2 pm, at Sesh Coworking. Click here to register.

Feb. 22 — Houston Startup Showcase

The Houston Startup Showcase is a year-long series of monthly pitch competitions. Founders will pitch at the Ion and compete for the grand prize package. Watch the startups pitch their company and see who the judges will name the champion of the Houston Startup Showcase 2023.

The event is Wednesday, February 22, at 6 pm, at the Ion. Click here to register.

Feb. 23 — Navigating Innovation in the Corporate World

Join us for a fireside chat with leaders from Houston's largest employers, including Microsoft and Chevron to discuss how they have navigated successful careers in technology and innovation.

The event is Thursday, February 23, at 11:30 am, at the Ion. Click here to register.

Feb. 27-March 2 — Houston Tech Rodeo

The Houston Tech Rodeo is a conference showcasing the best and brightest of the Houston startup community in the region and beyond by putting investors, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and creative minds in a room to talk about the biggest innovations and the future of tech sandwiched by some happy hours and friendly competition.

The events run Monday, February 27, through Thursday, March 2, at various locations in Houston. Click here to register.

Note: This post might be updated to add more events.

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Houston makes top 10 list of metros with most millionaires

living large

Anew population analysis has unveiled an exclusive view into how the elite live in the U.S., including a surprising discovery that Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land has the No. 9 highest concentration of millionaire households in the country.

The study by online real estate marketplace Point2Homes compared household data among millionaires in the 30 biggest U.S. metropolitan areas, including four Texas metros, between 2017 and 2022.

The report found that the number of U.S. households that earned at least $1 million a year more than quadruped within the five-year period, with the highest concentration of millionaire households located in the New York-Newark-Jersey City area across New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

There are just under 2,900 millionaire homeowners living across the Houston metro, making up 0.11 percent of all households in the area. The report revealed a majority (32.9 percent) of millionaires in Houston are actually Gen Xers, with the second highest share going to baby boomers (28.9 percent).

Most interestingly, the youngest generation, Gen Z, make up 15.4 percent of all millionaire households in Houston, with millennials making up 21.5 percent, according to the report. But the Gen Z percentage is misleading; as the report clarifies, there aren't actually that many Gen Z millionaires walking among us in H-Town.

"Instead, this high share is most likely almost entirely due to the people aged 15 to 24 who are still living with their (millionaire) owner parents," the report explained. "Unfortunately, living in a millionaire owner household does not a millionaire owner make — but it does come with some serious perks."

Physicians make up Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land millionaires' main occupations across all age groups, the study also found.

This is how Houston's millionaires live
The saying goes, "Go big or go home," and Houston's millionaire homeowners are taking that to heart when it comes to their own lavish households.

The report discovered the typical home owned by a millionaire in Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land is a five bedroom, nine total-room house, with an average assessed value of $1,466,682. As for wheels, a Houston-based millionaire is likely to have less than three vehicles (2.8) on average.

By comparison, the average value for a millionaire homeowner's abode in San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley, California is $2,816,196, the highest amount out of all 30 U.S. metros in the report.

Big, expensive homes don't come without big costs to maintain them, the report reminds. And when it comes to managing finances for wealthy earners, making more money doesn't necessarily mean they'll be saving that income.

"Rather, it just means bigger homes with bigger mortgages and maintenance expenses; more cars; much costlier schools; and more over-the-top lifestyles, which simply bite bigger chunks out of the family's big budget," the report said. "However, despite the 'risks,' most of us would probably choose to have rich people problems. Or, as the saying goes, crying in a Ferrari might just feel better than crying in a Toyota when all is said and done."

Millionaire lifestyles across Texas
In a comparison of all Texas metro areas, Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land claimed the highest share of millionaire homeowners statewide. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington took the No. 2 spot, while Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown rounded out the top three. San Antonio-New Braunfels took No. 4 in the statewide analysis.

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington was right behind Houston in the national standings, ranking No. 10, with nearly 2,650 millionaire households situated in the Metroplex. DFW's millionaires are mainly chief executives and legislators, or physicians. Gen Xers (44.1 percent) make up the highest share of the metro's millionaires, with baby boomers (24.7 percent) not too far behind.

Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown, however, fell to No. 24 in the national ranking with only 749 millionaire households calling the Texas Capital home. Austin's millionaires are mainly chief executives and legislators, or other types of high-level mangers. Gen Xers (34.9 percent) make up the highest share of the metro's millionaires, with millennials (30.8 percent) not too far behind.

San Antonio-New Braunfels ranked at the bottom of the study at No. 29, above Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There were only 414 millionaire households in the metro area between 2017-2022, and a majority of them (38.4 percent) were Gen X physicians.

The top 10 metros with the highest share of millionaires in the U.S. are:

  • No. 1 – New York-Newark-New Jersey City, New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania
  • No. 2 – Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, California
  • No. 3 – San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley, California
  • No. 4 – Boston-Cambridge-Newton, Massachusetts-New Hampshire
  • No. 5 – Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, D.C.-Virginia-Marland-West Virginia
  • No. 6 – Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, Illinois-Indiana-Wisconsin
  • No. 7 – Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, Florida
  • No. 8 – Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Washington
  • No. 9 – Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, Texas
  • No. 10 – Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas

The full report and its methodology can be found on


This article originally ran on CultureMap.

TMC Innovation announces second cohort of promising Danish health tech companies

welcome to houston

A new cohort of scientists from the Texas-Denmark BioBridge has been selected to join a Texas Medical Center Accelerator, joining forces with some of Houston’s best advisers and mentors.

This is the second year that four Danish companies have been chosen to join a special TMC Innovation Accelerator program with plans to bring their technologies to the American market. In a joint press release, the Texas Medical Center (TMC) and the BioInnovation Institute (BII), announced that the participants are scheduled to arrive in Houston on May 13 for their first session, in which they’ll work on US customer validation. After that, they’ll take part in the full program, which will allow the founders to make their plans for strategic development over the course of six months.

Just as the TMC Innovation Factory offers help for founders who have set their sights on success in the US market, the Danish BioInnovation Institute provides life science startups with the connections, infrastructure and financial support necessary to bring their ideas to the public.

The companies selected include:

  • Alba Health is pioneering a gut microbiome test for young children that’s informed by AI.
  • AMPA Medical has created InterPoc, a more discrete alternative to types of stoma bags currently available for ileostomy patients.
  • Droplet IV is a medical device that automatically flushes IV lines, reducing waste and making nurses’ jobs easier.
  • Metsystem is a cancer metastasis platform aimed at predicting what the most effective cancer drug is for each patient.

“We are excited to welcome these startups to TMC as Danish companies are making significant strides in drug discovery and health tech developments” says Devin Dunn, head of the accelerator for Health Tech, in the release. “As they look to expand into the US market, the collaborative environment fostered by our dedicated team, programs, and clinical community will help them advance their innovations, foster research collaborations, and further develop their technologies here in Houston.”

The program for the accelerator is based on the successes of the TMC Innovation (TMCi) Health Tech Accelerator program. The TMC Denmark BioBridge was established in 2019 as a collaboration between TMC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.