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Report: Houston snags spot on worldwide ranking of top startup ecosystems in 2024

The Bayou City has made progress on an international ranking of startup ecosystems. Photo via Getty Images

Houston is moving up in the startup world.

The city rises to No. 48 on StartupBlink’s list of the world’s top startup ecosystems for 2024. That’s four spots higher than Houston’s No. 52 ranking on the 2023 list. StartupBlink is an economic research platform.

The Greater Houston Partnership recently noted the ascent of Houston’s ecosystem for startups.

“Houston’s tech scene has made many strides in recent years to set a foundation for startups to thrive, from founding to late stage, across industries,” the partnership says. “With a wealth of incubators coming online and a sharp uptick in venture capital funding, startups now have more landing spots and opportunity for growth in Houston than ever before.”

Elsewhere in Texas:

  • Austin lands at No. 17, up four spots from last year.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth appears at No. 25, up one spot from last year.

The world’s three top-ranked startup ecosystems are the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and London.

“As we navigate through 2024, it is undeniably a challenging year for the global startup ecosystem,” Eli David Rokah, CEO of StartupBlink, says in the report. “The funding landscape has entered deeper into a ‘winter,’ signaling a significant

tightening in capital availability for startups. This financial constriction coincides with heightened geopolitical tensions and a noticeable retreat from globalization.”

In this climate, the decision about where to nurture a startup ecosystem is more important than ever, says Rokah.

“As the bubble bursts, and capital becomes increasingly concentrated in specific geographic regions, startups must strategically select their locations to access essential resources and funding opportunities,” he says.

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