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Houston school named among 'New Ivies' on Forbes list

Rice University is Ivy League level, per a new report. Photo via

Rice University has hit Ivy League status — at least according to Forbes.

A new list from Forbes has identified 10 public and 10 private schools that churn out top graduates, and Rice University makes the cut.

“We are delighted to see Rice University recognized as one of America’s producers of great talent. Rice has been a recruiting destination for employers for many years and that is because Rice students are adaptable, curious, bright and are solution oriented,” Nicole Van Den Heuvel , executive director of the Center for Career Development, says in a news release from Rice.

“We know, anecdotally, that Rice students thrive in workplaces because they are motivated learners, team players and problem solvers,” Van Den Heuvel continues. “Employers seek diverse talent and skill sets, and Rice students nurture career competencies throughout their time at Rice and post grad.”

The report evaluated 1,743 colleges of at least 4,000 students and looked at admissions data from 2022. The process then eliminated schools with admission rates above 20 percent for private institutions and 50 percent for public universities, narrowing down the pool of schools to 32. Then, Forbes surveyed hiring managers about the remaining candidates to decide on the 20 universities.

The University of Texas at Austin, the only other Texas school represented in the report, made the list of public schools. The full lists are available online.

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