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IT staffing giant brings agile workforce solutions to Texas

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Finding quality IT staff while remaining on time and on budget has traditionally been a challenge for most mid-size companies, but the expansion of Kibernum to Texas is about to change that.

"Today, it is hard and expensive to find staff in the U.S., and even more so in Texas," says business development advisor Emilio Armstrong, of Armstrong Worldwide Group. "Since the market has a high demand on IT, software developers, and cybersecurity staff, nearshoring in the same time zone with the U.S. is the solution."

Kibernum has over 30 years of experience in information technology and is the largest staffing firm in Latin America. They have 1,600 active developers and support staff and 30 partners worldwide.

Among the many services provided by its professionals, who are passionate about innovation and technology, are software development, IT consulting, human resources for IT development, and IT Academy.

"At Kibernum, there is a need to install talent around the world and deliver technology solutions," says CEO Marcelo Solari. "Today, we are in a position of a global company and it makes us very proud. We are in a period of full expansion in the U.S., in one of the most important IT markets in the world, and particularly in Texas, one of the states with the greatest technological projection.

"We are confident that we will continue to be a true contribution to the IT market with the global talent that we offer, with flexible capabilities that we install in our clients, and insert ourselves into their ecosystem to support them in their digital evolution."

Why else should companies consider partnering with Kibernum? Here are five compelling reasons:

1. Qualified help only when you need it
The IT industry is red-hot, with employees constantly job-hopping to accept better offers. So why invest time and money hiring and training full-time staff when you're not sure how long they're actually going to stay?

The smarter choice is to work with a staffing solution like Kibernum, which provides workers who are already qualified and trained in the areas you need to fill. They can proudly boast only 3 percent staff rotation, compared to the industry staff rotation average of around 15 percent.

2. A more cost-effective rate
Nearshoring staff means you can pay an hourly rate that makes sense for your project, while the employee is dedicated to only working on the tasks you assign. No excess, no wasted time.

3. Grow with the demands
Whether you're pushing forward new projects or scaling back, Kibernum makes sure that the team size grows with you.

4. Working on U.S. time
Sometimes hiring outside help means contending with different global time zones, but all Kibernum staff operate within standard American business windows.

"All our services have a global seal," says Solari. "Remote work allows us to have talents that, regardless of their geographical location, prioritize the one that meets the profile that responds to the real need of the client to achieve their digital evolution. Once we find the candidates, we support them in the adaptation process, generating the necessary closeness in the midst of the remote culture that identifies us."

5. Low overhead
If the pandemic prompted smaller office spaces, don't worry: You do not have to accommodate Kibernum workers in-office.

"Your information technology team has a very important role to play in the success of your operation as a whole," says business communication adviser Carolina Selvidge, from Facehug. "It's not only about speed versus quality anymore — it's about agility and innovation. Any business that is going to survive the test of time requires a regular dose of experimentation. A cost-effective way of achieving that right now is Kibernum's safe nearshore opportunities."

Kibernum's current clients include Citibank, RSA, Walmart, DHL, Smart Start, Houston Food Bank, and Liberty Mutual.

Kibernum USA is an associate member at the Greater Houston Partnership, and Armstrong Worldwide Group is a member of the Energy 2.0 committee, which together creates a great partnership for local companies looking for support.

Read more here, then see how Kibernum might be the smart move for your company by contacting Emilio Armstrong at emilio@armstrongwwg.com.

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