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How Pearland is setting local businesses up for growth and success

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Over the past few years, Pearland has worked hard to become a desirable home for major life sciences and manufacturing companies. Building on that, it's also leading the way in workforce development, providing access to the tools and resources necessary to create and grow a successful business.

Here's a closer look at just a few of the many resources the community offers to local businesses:

This virtual job board and resource center is an immersive and interactive website launched through a partnership between the Pearland Chamber of Commerce and the Pearland Economic Development Corporation (PEDC), where participants can register to view local jobs, regional training programs, workforce support services, and workforce ecosystem partners in the region.

Area businesses can showcase their organization and career opportunities to the community through a customizable virtual booth. The WorkInPearland platform will be launched to the community in March 2023.

Pearland Innovation Hub
Created in 2022, the hub provides valuable programming, events, and resources and establishes partnerships to start, scale, and sustain a business.
The hub cultivates Pearland’s entrepreneurship culture through networking events and activities geared to the unique needs of startups and small business owners, such as assistance programs, business coaching, service providers, and funding sources, to maximize their growth potential and overall success.

This resource is another result of a Pearland Chamber of Commerce and PEDC partnership, and it helps businesses expand and create jobs in the Pearland area.
Through the BizConnect program, participants can access a network of professionals willing to help with any business need.

Pearland’s workforce strategy aspires to achieve the vision of the workforce and talent focus area by leveraging existing workforce strategies and initiatives being performed by area partners, as well as implementing new strategies that respond to the needs of businesses.

It strives to bring together representatives from the business community, education and training providers, relevant nonprofits, and other vital partners dedicated to strengthening Pearland’s talent pipeline and ensuring employers have access to a competitive workforce.

To find out more about Pearland's initiative, visit here.

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Building Houston


Cemvita has some news regarding its C-level execs. Photo courtesy of Cemvita

An innovative Houston startup that's working with energy companies to decarbonize their operations has made changes to its C-suite.

Tara Karimi, who co-founded Cemvita with her brother Moji, has transition to the company's chief science officer. Liz Dennett has been hired to Karimi's previous role of CTO. The changes enable Karimi to focus on leading Cemvita's scientific research and development efforts as well as participating in driving innovation within the biotech industry as a whole, according to the company's press release.

"I'm excited to take on the role of chief science officer at Cemvita and what it represents for our company's growth," says Karimi in the release. "As chief science officer, I look forward to shaping policy and driving the conversation around the role of biotechnology in the energy transition."

As CTO, Dennett will lead the development of Cemvita's unique biotech products that tap into microbes to decarbonize operations on energy plants. Most recently, Dennett was vice president of data architecture and data engineering at Wood Mackenzie. She previously worked in tech and sustainability-focused roles at Hess Corp., Biota Technology, and Amazon Web Services.

“Working with biological systems presents a unique challenge but also a unique opportunity," says Dennett in the release. "It’s uniquely difficult to go from benchtop to in-situ reactors or oil wells with microbes and to achieve the kind of incredible results that we’re seeing in the lab. You need to build teams with deep specializations in chemistry, biology, energy systems, and geology.”

Dennett, who has her PhD and Master's from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has served on Cemvita's advisory board for about a year, will report to CEO Moji Karimi directly.

“I know that Tara and Liz are going to make history at Cemvita,” says Moji Karimi in the release. “With 15 years of experience using data-driven approaches to solve pressing energy challenges, Liz brings to bear the kind of creativity and expertise that can quickly and meaningfully advance Cemvita’s impact on the Energy Transition.”

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