Why this innovator is passionate about uniting Texans in tech and venture

CS Freeland joins the Houston Innovators Podcast to discuss the Texas Venture Crawl on Oct. 6. Photo courtesy

This Friday, Texas innovators across the state will simultaneously show up to support each other, network with potential investors, and talk shop — and it's all thanks to one Austinite.

CS Freeland is organizing the second annual Texas Venture Crawl, which started last year in Austin to connect the ecosystem by way of casual conversations and social activity. This year, she's expanded to include eight cities in Texas across 12 venues. Houstonians can attend at the Ion at 5 pm on Friday, October 6.

"We thought it would be a couple of hundred of people, but it kind of went viral at the last minute," Freeland says on the Houston Innovators Podcast of last year's impact. And this year's new Houston presence is shaping up similarly with tickets close to being sold out.

Freeland also co-founded the Texas Venture Alliance, which launched in January. The nonprofit is the state’s largest venture capital network. The organization works to co-create and co-organize events and resources that create an ecosystem of startup support.

From Freeland's perspective, Texas has the potential to be a powerful region for startup, innovation, and venture capital.

"Silicon Valley is a big place to start a company and fund companies, but Silicon Valley is also just a region made up of cities," she says on the show. "I think if we thought of ourselves as a region and we worked together, we would be a really big force."

She's hoping to move the needle on that beginning with a casual happy hour with innovators across the state. And Houston gets a bit of a bonus event with Greentown Labs hosting its own happy hour in collaboration with the Texas Venture Crawl on Thursday, October 5.

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