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Houston innovator taps into tech to give women a holistic platform for health and wellness

Dr. Kimon Angelides, a serial entrepreneur in Houston, joins the Houston Innovators Podcast to discuss how he plans to disrupt women's health and beauty. Photo courtesy

When it comes to women's health and wellness, there's never been a one-stop shop. Over the past few years, tons of femtech startups have popped up with health-focused apps or niche products, but no company has emerged to provide a comprehensive approach for women.

That is until FemTec Health emerged from stealth mode last fall — already with over 100 employees and $35 million in funding. The company was founded in 2020 by Kimon Angelides — a serial entrepreneur who founded Livongo Health, a digital health system focused on diabetes treatment, and Vivante Health, a gut health platform, as well as a handful of other businesses.

For his latest endeavor, Angelides had idea of creating a holistic approach to women's health in both a B2B and a direct-to-consumers capacity. He explains on the Houston Innovators Podcast that most treatment for women is centered around age, rather than the type of health care they are looking for and need.

"Women don't really have a program that's designed for them," Angelides says on the show. "We embarked in terms of building a platform and a company that would be a single destination for women — one that's not age specific but built around journeys."

A key differentiator for FemTec Health is its data analytics component. Angelides was in academia prior to starting his career as an entrepreneur, and he says that he's prioritizing lab research and data to identify specific biomarkers that can indicate more optimized treatment for everything from IVF and vaginal health to the best skincare based on genetics and hormones.

"Right now, we're analyzing data from 44 million women over a six-year period — it's medical claims data," he explains, "and we're using predictive analytics to find out what are some of the digital markers are."

FemTec Health has around 180 employees across the world, and Angelides says he's got a lab in Houston he's hoping to build out and grow to focus on diagnostics testing. Part of the company's growth strategy included acquiring companies, including beauty subscription box Birchbox, universal beauty store Mira Beauty, and beauty industry social marketing platform Liquid Grids, which has over 1.5 million members.

Angelides shares more about how he has observed Houston develop as an innovation ecosystem — as well as what's next for FemTec Health — on the podcast episode. Listen to the full interview below — or wherever you stream your podcasts — and subscribe for weekly episodes.

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Building Houston


After working with thousands of interns, Allie Danziger of Ampersand Professionals says she's now got a product to upskill and train new hires for employers. Photo courtesy of Ampersand

After seeing success with her internship training and matchmaking platform, Allie Danziger, founder and CEO of Ampersand Professionals, has expanded the concept to include a new hire training service that allows employers to better optimize the onboarding process and have a well-trained new staff member from day one.

In just over a year, Ampersand has worked with over 7,000 professionals through its original concept of upskilling and matching young professionals to internship programs. A few months ago, Danziger and her team expanded to include career development training for students first entering the workforce with the City of Houston's Hire Houston Youth program. Danziger says it was developing out the platform for this program that proved there was a need for this type of training.

"While we have focused on matching professionals with businesses for paid internships, we recognized a further gap with employers that have their own recruiting/talent acquisition teams, or just their own preferred way of bringing on entry-level talent, and didn’t have a need for our matching platform," Danziger tells InnovationMap. "But, they recognized the benefit of our proven training platform that pre-vets and de-risks their hires, and still wanted access to the training for their own hires."

The new program has evolved from training interns to new hires, so parts of the program that focuses on interviewing or applying for a job have been removed. Instead, the 8.5 hours of training focuses on networking, best practices for working with a manager and team, performance reviews, common software training, and more.

Danziger says usually new hires need the most experienced mentor or manager, but they don't usually get that support — especially when it comes to businesses that don't have their own built-out mentorship or training program.

"Ampersand’s new training product fills that gap — it gives employers of any size any easy solution to provide basic job readiness training to employees, access to our team of dedicated coaches, and a detailed report at the end of their training summarizing how their new hire did in the training and any trends recognized and tips for managing this employee based on what the platform uncovered," she says. "Businesses can also sign up for additional coaching sessions and customize training materials, as an add-on if interested."

The program costs the employer $100 per new employee, and checkout online takes less than a minute. Through both this program and the original internship program, Ampersand is constantly evolving its training content.

"These professionals are going through the same training experience that we have proven out over the last year, and we are constantly adding to based on data we see in the user experience," Danziger says.

Danziger recently joined the Houston Innovators Podcast discuss some of the benchmarks she's met with Ampersand, as well as the importance of investing in Gen Z hires. Listen to that episode below.

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