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Houston innovator taps into tech to give women a holistic platform for health and wellness

Dr. Kimon Angelides, a serial entrepreneur in Houston, joins the Houston Innovators Podcast to discuss how he plans to disrupt women's health and beauty. Photo courtesy

When it comes to women's health and wellness, there's never been a one-stop shop. Over the past few years, tons of femtech startups have popped up with health-focused apps or niche products, but no company has emerged to provide a comprehensive approach for women.

That is until FemTec Health emerged from stealth mode last fall — already with over 100 employees and $35 million in funding. The company was founded in 2020 by Kimon Angelides — a serial entrepreneur who founded Livongo Health, a digital health system focused on diabetes treatment, and Vivante Health, a gut health platform, as well as a handful of other businesses.

For his latest endeavor, Angelides had idea of creating a holistic approach to women's health in both a B2B and a direct-to-consumers capacity. He explains on the Houston Innovators Podcast that most treatment for women is centered around age, rather than the type of health care they are looking for and need.

"Women don't really have a program that's designed for them," Angelides says on the show. "We embarked in terms of building a platform and a company that would be a single destination for women — one that's not age specific but built around journeys."

A key differentiator for FemTec Health is its data analytics component. Angelides was in academia prior to starting his career as an entrepreneur, and he says that he's prioritizing lab research and data to identify specific biomarkers that can indicate more optimized treatment for everything from IVF and vaginal health to the best skincare based on genetics and hormones.

"Right now, we're analyzing data from 44 million women over a six-year period — it's medical claims data," he explains, "and we're using predictive analytics to find out what are some of the digital markers are."

FemTec Health has around 180 employees across the world, and Angelides says he's got a lab in Houston he's hoping to build out and grow to focus on diagnostics testing. Part of the company's growth strategy included acquiring companies, including beauty subscription box Birchbox, universal beauty store Mira Beauty, and beauty industry social marketing platform Liquid Grids, which has over 1.5 million members.

Angelides shares more about how he has observed Houston develop as an innovation ecosystem — as well as what's next for FemTec Health — on the podcast episode. Listen to the full interview below — or wherever you stream your podcasts — and subscribe for weekly episodes.

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Building Houston


Cemvita reported a successful pilot program on its gold hydrogen project in the Permian Basin. Photo courtesy of Cemvita

Houston-based cleantech startup Cemvita Factory is kicking things into high gear with its Gold Hydrogen product.

After successfully completing a pilot test of Gold Hydrogen in the oil-rich Permian Basin of West Texas, Cemvita has raised an undisclosed amount of funding through its new Gold H2 LLC spin-out. The lead investors are Georgia-based equipment manufacturer Chart Industries and 8090 Industries, an investment consortium with offices in New York City and Los Angeles.

Gold Hydrogen provides carbon-neutral hydrogen obtained from depleted oil and gas wells. This is achieved through bioengineering subsurface microbes in the wells to consume carbon and generate clean hydrogen.

Cemvita says it set up Gold H2 to commercialize the business via licensing, joint ventures, and outright ownership of hydrogen assets.

“We have incredible conviction in next-generation clean hydrogen production methods that leverage the vast and sprawling existing infrastructure and know-how of the oil and gas industry,” Rayyan Islam, co-founder and general partner of 8090 Industries, says in a news release.

Traditional methods of producing hydrogen without greenhouse gas emissions include electrolysis powered by renewable sources like wind, solar or water, according to Cemvita. However, production of green hydrogen through normal avenues eats up a lot of energy and money, the startup says.

By contrast, Cemvita relies on depleted oil and gas wells to cheaply produce carbon-free hydrogen.

“The commercialization and economics of the hydrogen economy will require technologies that produce the hydrogen molecule at a meaningful scale with no carbon emissions. Gold H2 is leading the charge … ,” says Jill Evanko, president and CEO of Chart Industries.

Investors in Cemvita include Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, an investment arm of Houston-based Occidental Petroleum, as well as BHP Group, Mitsubishi, and United Airlines Ventures.

Oxy Low Carbon Ventures and United Airlines Ventures are financing Cemvita’s work on sustainable jet fuel. United Airlines operates a hub at George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston.

Founded by brother-and-sister team Moji and Tara Karimi in 2017, Cemvita uses synthetic biology to turn carbon dioxide into chemicals and alternative fuels.

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