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Texas clocks in as No. 11 in new report of best job markets nationwide

Texas' job market still has room for improvement. Photo via Getty Images

With the overall economy showing signs of bouncing back from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas is also displaying room for improvement with an employment sector that lands outside the top 10 in a new nationwide study.

B2B sales recruiting experts Peak Sales Recruiting designated the Lone Star State No. 11 in their 2023 report that ranks the best and worst job markets across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Overall, the American Southeast has some of the strongest labor markets in 2023, the report states. Louisiana earned the crown as the No. 1 state, and seven additional Southern states earned spots in the top 10: South Carolina (No. 2), Florida (No. 3), Virginia (No. 4), Georgia (No. 5), Alabama (No. 7), Kentucky (No. 8), and Arkansas (No. 9).

"The Southeast is...driven by strong employment growth, job openings and quits – meaning job seekers have their pick of the litter," the report says.

Rounding out the top 10 are Idaho in No. 5, and Delaware in No. 10.

The report examined the most recent available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on employment growth, layoffs, and resignation rates, job openings, and more to determine their rankings.

Perhaps controversially, popular states like New York and California were at the bottom of the list with the worst job markets, ranking No. 50 and No. 51, respectively.

"Despite its reputation as a hub for innovation and technological advancement, California faces significant challenges in its labor market," the report says. "Average weekly wages in the state have dropped by 6.9 percent, while 8.7 percent of workers are underemployed and the quit and job opening rates were lower than in most other states."

That might explain why Californians keep moving to Austin.

For Texas employers looking to improve their employee culture and retention, Peak Sales Recruiting offers five tips: embracing the rise of remote work opportunities; prioritizing diversity and inclusion among staff recruitment; offering competitive compensation packages and benefits to improve employee retention; focusing on employees' growth within the company; and providing a good workplace culture.


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